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Comment 17 by RJMoore
Free? Free? There's no such thing. All 'free' means is that those who don't use a service subsidise those who do; in the case of tertiary education, very often it's working class people paying, thru their taxes, the tuition fees of middle class students.

Absolutely bang-on, Mr Moore. Well said!

As someone said years ago: That’s the problem with Socialism: very soon one runs out of other peoples’ money.

Comment 16 by mmurray
Except that would be a 20% tax on a person's taxable income.

Yes, Michael, I know, they’d still be tedious arguments over whether your girlfriend’s new Manolo Blahniks did, or did not, have steel toe caps and so fall under the definition of tax-deductible ‘protective footwear.’

But flat tax would be a lot less complicated than things are now, and would immediately remove both the incentive and opportunity for the intractable arms race of complex tax planning.

There's another one?

Yes there is, actually.

Northeast London Polytechnic.

Comment 19 by chris 116
… this isn't the Daily Mail, …

I have no idea, so I must defer to your greater knowledge of that particular journal.

I’ll answer your points later: I have a busy day today with my tax accountant.

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