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Comment 7 by Premiseless :

Ironies abound. It's what I was talking about! Evolution has cynicism as prime mover no?


Trust me and you take high risks no? Aka bankerism et al, whether of the natural world or consciousness per se - as in theists exploitations of humans minds down the millennia.In order to have large "trusts" as with "Saint Moritz and others of the jet set" (excuse the punn) one needs even larger ones to begin with, else compromise oneself beyond recovery.I share your problem: for most of my life I had no REAL idea what the rest of humanity were talking about until I came across secularism and equitable access to information style atheism. It's inevitable therefore that I remain in a state of not knowing about what the rest of humanity is talking about due this, though I suspect I have a good idea of the ranges this might include of; deluded thoughts, feelings and chronic mis-judgements. Que sera.

your AI program to generate intelligible english sentences needs more work.

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