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Comment 28 by Stephen of Wimbledon

Other countries in the English-speaking World are tending to follow the same model - i.e. that government schools must not expel disruptive pupils - it is so obviously a bad policy that I just despair of ever getting a politician to do anything right.

Unfortunately, on the basis that ALL children are "entitled" to an education (whether they or their parents want it or not, or will co-operate or not), public authorities have been discouraged and prevented from expelling disruptive anti-education pupils from their schools, so they have often been secretly passed from school to school for "fresh start", in a similar way, to the way in which paedophile Catholic priests were passed from parish to parish, - with the unsuspecting new schools kept in the dark about their past.
This has been termed meeting the legal responsibility "educating vulnerable children"!

There is a real issue of keeping them off the streets during school hours, - especially if they have a record of robbery or burglary, but dumping them on unsuspecting class-mates and teachers, is the sort of expedient fudge we have come to expect from politicians and bureaucrats!

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