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Comment 277, alphcat,

If RC bashing is what it takes than be aware RC schools will also get free school approval and they will fit Alans and xmaseves and uncle tom cobley and alls stereotypes.

The BHA seemed to suggest still some time to stop it. So just pretend its an RC school if that helps! Shouldn't be difficult as they are the cause of all the worlds problems just because they don't seem to compromise the teaching of evolution in the way they should.

Hi alph. Once again, I can only say that I have never bashed Catholic schools! My family is lapsed Catholic. It's all faith schools I hate the very idea of. I've just watched a speech by Mitt Romney (on BBC Parliament) and I've still not calmed down. I've not seen much of him before. Wow, what a slimeball! A racist, homophobic, sexist, god-mongering slimeball. My ankles and feet are still flushing warm with licks of anger. Probably genetic memory of the stake. Cardinal Keith O'Brien makes me this angry too.

Listen, I'm sorry I gave the wrong impression, which was careless of me, but my pal Blaine is still living, as far as I know. He had a serious crack problem though, and was trying hard to get off it. His parents were from the Deep South and of a vile brand of Protestantism. He fled to Denver and became, you might say, a devout atheist.

He was either home-schooled, or sent to a faith school. Either way, he couldn't escape the ingrained, biblically mandated homophobia (although it isn't) wherever he went, and, being overweight and by nature as camp as a row of tents, he was an easy target for his community. His favourite song was 'Small Town Boy', by Jimmy Sommerville and he loved it that I was from his hometown!

Thanks for the kind words though. Another friend hanged himself a few years ago, and strangely your words helped with that. Maybe no kind thought goes to waste.

Do you not think that every child deserves a religion-free oasis where they can go each day to breathe clean air, and grow? The only way to ensure this is to remove religion (apart from comparative) from classrooms. The good schools would still be good without some batty evil book throwing a spanner in the works and marking innocent children out as different from those who are bashed with another batty book. Children need an inclusive level playing field in school, where they are not segregated from other children on the grounds of their parents' delusions. You can't re-sit life. Passing exams is only a part of education (a 'leading out').

Thank you Miss Jean Brodie. (And Muriel Spark was a devout Catholic.) Miss Brodie was an example of a dangerous teacher, and we can't legislate for them, but I'm talking about a dangerous system, of which Catholic schools are of course only a part.

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