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Comment 54, Alan,

The Black Knight! Fabulous. 'It's just a scratch!'

Comment 55, Jos,

Great post and concise link - I hope Jay checks it out.

Comment 56, Vrij,

You know , I have not been here long but enough to notice a repeating pattern. As if it was the same person regurgitating the same thing.

I know! Their brains are pasteurised. Amazing when people become empty mouthpieces with prefabricated arguments, which spring back up no matter how many times we demolish them. I mean, rebuilding doesn't need a plan, just a basic realisation that you need to try a different approach.

This is an emperor's new knickers-juggling website. No matter how slick-ridden, they never get washed. They slide down your face when they throw them back. Oops, I'm going meta. Splat - 'How did we get here without 'God' then?' Splat - 'God is a necessary being.' Get the baby wipes handy and keep throwing when your arm gets tired. If we help one person to enlightenment, it's worth it.

Comment 57, Steve Zara,

I must say that is a suspiciously brilliant comment from a philosophical incompetent. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe you were put here in order to test the faith of the chosen. But then, God already decided who'll fail. Maybe Jay is right, and we're just not smart enough to be so foolish. The leap of faith is a leap backwards.

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