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That is exactly why I try to get rid of the word "supernatural" in discussions as soon as possible (see my original post on this thread. If someone rises from the dead, how "weird" is that? "Supernatural" weird? That second formulation doesn't help anything. It would go beyond what we understand of medicine$, to be sure; but you could say many historical scientific findings went beyond what was then understandable, but those aren't "supernatural". It also doesn't matter whether resurrection is "supernatural"; what really matters is which propositions people believe are true and what grounds they have for that. Whether or not it is rational to think Jesus rose from the dead doesn't depend on what labels we would give such a scenario; there's no evidence it happened & plenty of evidence it can't happen, so it probably didn't.

$ Provided we're discussing the sort of rising imputed to Jesus; people can be "clinically dead" for a few minutes but then be pulled back. But of course, we do understand how that process works, which is why we occasionally manage to pull it off.

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