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Hi jdbilak,

Don't confuse science with philosophy. Teach your students how effective science is when exploring how the universe works but realize the severe limitations science when trying to understand why the universe works. Statements such as "the evolution of the universe is completely random without purpose or meaning" or "the universe has no supernatural elements to it" are philosophical inferences that the scientific method is incapable of supporting or denying. In other words, stick to science in science class and leave naturalism for philosophy class.

I'd like to contradict this. Please do confuse science with philosophy. Don't let students put up arbitrary intellectual barriers that prevent them seeing the full power of what science can achieve. Let them see that the scientific method is perfectly able to see whether randomness or purpose are present, because it can analyse and quantify and test any hypothesis about reality. Let them see that phrases like "there are supernatural elements" are meaningless nonsense, not worthy of consideration by anyone with an understanding of science and philosophy.

Don't hold back their minds with theistic preconceptions.

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