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Didn't Poe call it catalepsy?

You know, when someone is dead, to all appearances; and circulation and respiration signs are so slight and slow as to be undetectable. Until normal consciousness resumes eventually, after a few days. By which time, in Poe's tale, you found yourself staring at the wrong side of a coffin lid, or at least you would be if there were any light; while under several feet of earth.

Maybe this could be called the 'Lazarus Syndrome'.

Now all you doubting Thomases. Let me tell it to you straight:

When God made the world, he chose to modestly claim credit for it by word of mouth, of his only son (and himself and holy ghost), but to ensure that his true followers were believers in faith alone, he omnipotently wiped his fingerprints from his creation so that there would never be any proof that God made the universe, and his followers would always be faithful.

Suck on that, doubters!

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