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"As a species we are successful but it has not always been so. For hundreds of thousands of years we advanced by slow steps, inventing tools like the wheel and techniques like metal smelting to make those tools. These skills were gradually accumulated by societies and passed down by practise and word of mouth; later they were preserved in writing, with the invention of the written word. New inventions were few and far between.

In Greece about 2500 years ago many thoughtful people began to try to understand the world around them. Much of what they thought was influenced by their feelings about the world and many early ideas were confused by that. Just a few tried to be logical and made up rules to find out if anything was true. They invented a lot of the tools, like geometry, which we still use today in these classes. The Greeks were conquered and dispersed but their writings survived and became influential over time.

Societies changed after that in the same old gradual way. It was not until the middle of the last thousand years that people began again to use logic and reason to discover un-obvious truths. Before that they had rushed to consult what the Greeks had said on any question, uncritically. These few people in different countries and over many years put together Scientific Method, which is what science is.

It's a method. It's not a set of conclusions, though it gets us them, nor a set of beliefs but a method. Since the invention of this method...... Electricity, Metal boats, Safe Sex, Plasma TV, Innoculation, Smart Bombs, The Web, The Higgs' Bosun, Metallica, the Eradication of Smallpox, Images of Ancient Galaxies, Nuclear Power, Invisible Computers, DNA, a living Stephen Hawking...

science is what has brought us to where we are. The method works and no other way is known of finding out what is true"

Then teach them scientific method.

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