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It is impossible to remove gods from our history or science and more so from philosophy. I think all gods and their reason for being invented should be part of a curriculum at school. But from an impartial standpoint.

Example: The Aztecs were a civilization who believed in gods. They thought these gods controlled climate (then you talk about how climate happens) they thought they controlled eclipses (explain eclipses etc) This way you are not trying to cut off a part of understanding but you prepare them to question all gods any gods .

I am sure this would be controversial in any "christian"society. Seems a teacher who will tell their students that god is made up , will summarily be fired. I know this is maybe an exaggeration but it happens more than you think.

Teachers should not pass on their own indoctrination. Is atheism an indoctrination? It is anti-indoctrination. Pro-information. So teach about everything properly without personal bias. This is wishful thinking because we can talk about teaching about gods or not however, but not teaching about the lack of gods.

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