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Comment 24 by Alan4discussion :

Premiseless : - What is it about humans that deliver greatest power to people and groups of people who are either deceptive themselves or else governed by deceptive agency and so have not the influence to overthrow this?

That is easy! Many humans are lazy, so politicians who put most or all of their energies into "playing to the gallery", ..... It's a bit like preachers who promise utopia for eternity, and then deliver nothing - (or rape, robbery and retard-dependency)!

I'm furious ( not really since my apathy derails such brain states ) but I should be since I've been meditating of Mr West of Yorkshires ("Eeeee, you 'ad it easy...and I come from Russia with love") retort and just logged back in to post a reply that you already nailed. Ye upstager!

The problem with good education ( as in Oxford et al) is that it needs expensive support which relies upon poorer labour markets who then can't access the good education per se.

Onto politics! The problem with politics per se is it relies on systems that preserve the dogma as much as any motions to really address the fundamental flaws inherited over many generations till an apathy takes root that submits to the general synod of ancient political indoctrination. Essentially: life is too short, drink wine and dine for tomorrow we die!

Onto religion! The problem with religion is it relies upon feeding young minds with the dogma of ancient goat herders in ways that supplant all education since, save that education at such locations at Oxford et al. Again the adults defer to: drink wine for you must in case you die.

Onto Oxford! The problem with Oxford is it provides politicians who must go onto politics for there is nowhere else for them to do it! I hear there are many livers of life there too!

In summary: politics is very like theism in that it repeats past mistakes and panders to past demands much more than any agenda for change that might be founded on logic and reason. In a sense it is also an attractive position for the sakes of the wining and the dining per se, which might be what is the prime mover, though they would all need MRI scans to distinguish this.

The REAL POOR : is the footstool of all privilege and as such cannot be liberated whilst high brows persist as a good life scenario. The ambitions of tomorrows elite are wrapped up in the paper lives of the suffering.

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