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Ghost Makers - Cute but the point is not clearly defined - a half baked idea.

Secularism - I watched the video and then forgot about it. Haven't we see this before? This idea of type floating out in the galaxy somewhere is getting old.

Genesis - Two-thirds of the time was illustrating the visuals and one-third making the point. A good effort otherwise.

Dogmatism - I think a better quote could have been selected for Washington. We've seen this idea before.

Conflict -The most professional looking video and I would add aesthetically pleasing is CONFLICT. Turn off the sound and just watch it. Excellent animation! You could actually see this one in a movie theater. Look away and replay this video and the music and narrator are spot on!!

A minor criticism - I think the wording needs tweaked in a few places so it is better comprehended within the 1:30 time. For instance, "Evolving system in unison with civilization" needs to be stated in a more universal way so that a wider group of age ranges and people of various background can get what this means.

I'm a bit mixed about the wording "have to choose sides" "fight can never be won", and "choose sides" Yes this video is about conflict and this seems like a call to war with narration by kindly English gentleman who could easily make a living narrating children's stories. It is clear that this video takes the view of rationality and reason, so is there really anything to choose?

I think I would prefer the first statement "We have to choose sides." actually say "We may have unknowlingly chosen our side." Not quite sure about this though. It also seems to need a brief line about facing our own misconceptions brought to light by reason. (??)

I think there needs to be a second version in which it is simplified down to the level of an eleven-year old.

So yes, despite my criticism, this is by far the best video.

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