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I struggle to comprehend the whole of this post Zeug'.

I also struggle to comprehend the whole of basic gene theory, therefore struggle to compare how meme theories fit in, naturally.

This is in a way what you are, I think, talking about. Memes have different levels of comprehension and understanding therefore it is not easy to garner synchronous groups on the same brain GPS. Even when you tell the above to me I don't follow for example. This will also likely explain why information access is a market driver for memeplex group bias. Religion can get much backing; much market investment (sustainable and long term - multi lifetime) with the biproduct of financial return for family units of meme slaves. Pseudo tribal allegiance no matter the location - a transferable commodity. It's foundation is to make an easy access memeplex that also devolves pseudo feel goods - success by accessible delusion.

When you think about it, something of this same order (but inverse proportionality) goes on in academia, where rewards are often the result of inaccessibility, rather than commonly achievable brain GPS.

Where this is leading? Equality? No! Emotional congruence? No - since emotional kudos comes from high expectation and respect for success = an elitist emotion. We're back in the memeplex being tied to the emotive somehow. This is an interesting arena don't you think?

It's good, I think, that these last few years have seen an exponential rise in bringing academic progress to the wider population, in terms of "whole life holistic markets" previously dominated by religion and totalitarian regimes. However the problems of accessibility still loom large on the futures horizon, just as much as medicine and food have always been a mirage in that of the third world populations. We haven't solved that yet, amidst this new wave of progressive accessibility to ones own mind, absent its enslavement to humans claiming they work for the big bully in the sky.

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