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It's been a few years ago since gay marriage is legal in Spain. From the very moment of the implementation of the law, the Roman Catholic Church launched a campaign claiming that Christian "principles" were being severely attacked and “persecuted”, and religious liberty in serious peril. However, the law does not require any religion to marry gays, and these marriages are only performed by the law courts and local authorities. I still remember the times when the RCC claimed that “civil” weddings were not real because they were not “blessed” by God, but, all of a sudden, they seem to be extremely concerned about these marriages which now are incurring (as they claim) in serious aberrations for marrying people of the same sex. In other words “civil” marriages have become “real” As Lawrence M. Krauss writes in the article: all of these developments suggest that the banner of ‘religious liberty’ is effectively more akin to the ‘right to discriminate” I would add “and the right to control individuals and society and to force them how to run their own affairs”.

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