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Ah - that's why there's no HIV and other STD's and cervical cancer in Western countries.

It's lower - that's what's medically relevant. Do you have data to prove circumcision does a better job than condoms? Neither will give 100 % invulnerability. In any case, the problem in the West that prevents levels being even lower is so many people not using condoms.

Are you all also opposed to infant male circumcision in Africa? Be consistent, now, bwana.

Unless you're actually Swahili, a "Sir" will be fine, thank you very much. As it happens I am opposed to the method of circumcision Jews actually use, what with all the herpes it spreads. I am thoroughly consistent; I'm the one who thinks anti-STD measures can wait until someone is anywhere near the age of sexual activity, as opposed to during infancy. Given that circumcision is much more detrimental to sexual pleasure than condoms, it's the kind of thing that should be decided on as an adult. Do you not understand why the medical support for circumcision is so low?

Also, answer every point made by everyone, not just a couple made by me.

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