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I hear where you're coming from, however new age stuff and conspiracies are really different subjects. There is some overlap, but someone involved in New Age may not be into conspiracies while a Christian could have an elaborate view about some government conspiracy. A have also met some atheists that think that religion was a mass conspiracy by a select few to control the masses. (yeah yeah yeah - no comments needed about this.)

New Age is a term that is applied with a broad brush for many situations and beliefs. Although it is diverse, I disagree that New Age beliefs cannot be properly challenged. I attended a New Thought church which is considered a form of New Age and now that I have challenged the beliefs, I realize many of their flaws just need some help to be unraveled.

I have found that people who are into UFO and other conspiracies tend to be young or a bit "off" in some way. New Agers on the other hand, are a much wider audience. If you would like to focus in on a particular aspect of New Age, I can give you some ideas. If you want to continue discussing people who are into conspiracy theories...I'm not too worried about them in general. Most people, religious or not, think that they are nuts.

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