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@Zeug: Lurkers on this thread may be upset about my treating religion as something to be prevented or cured,

That would be a step in the right direction no? Start asking why we are free from the chains of religious inventions, what is the antidote is it is a disease ?

Certainly pointing out the endless paradoxes has to have some kind of effect. Look at the late Sai Baba. A self-proclaimed whatever . Got people , very rich people to give large chunks of wealth to the "Foundation" .

Maybe the trick is to know what is true and what is not. Usually if they ask for donations to get god to answer prayers like tele evangelists do. That right there is an obvious sign of deception.

how can anyone be cured helped or saved by prayer, specially through cable or satellite TV ???

Anyone who asks a person to give up all their material assets and or donate them to the ORg is under suspicion.

I justify my stance on these mismatches and on the fact that religions are interchangeable, intellectually misleading, peripheral, and incidental at best, and actively harmful, deceptive, and destructive at worst.

So true yet people must be masochists then after clearly knowing these concepts. They must think" that may be the case for other religions but not their own.

After investing all your money it would be heartbreaking to realize it was a fraud. Maybe people have invested too much at some point and figure whats a few more years...??

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