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Well, what is more reasonable than stopping wasting money on pointless religious organisations and putting it to good use to improve your life and of the people around you? It is also a perfect example how the negative effect of religion exists right here, right now, for every person individually as well as for the society in general.

It would also help to slant the cost-benefit ratio of leaving religion in the positive direction. If people saw their non-religious neighbours' lives getting better, they would be more inclined to leave religion themselves, and the ball would get rolling. It doesn't mean we don't have other arguments, but that we have something to offer even to the people who are not interested in deep thinking (aka the majority). In the end, this is about helping people (or to be more precise, helping people help themselves), isn't it?

Sat, 21 Jul 2012 14:09:40 UTC | #949756