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First you need to recognise that the fear was created by manipulation by your religious teachers -- but I think you already understand that. The fear was not created by any divinity, it has not come from anywhere apart from programming produced by humans.

The next problem is how to clear it out. This is similar to overcoming a phobia of spiders, or a fear of falling. Your religious teachers have created in you an emotional response to a possible scenario, e.g. simply thinking of getting off the approved path triggers this fear that they have implanted in you.

This is not something that can be defeated with reason alone, although you will need your reason to guide the process. You need to face the fear, feel it in full, and let it dissolve. It is hard to give specific instructions, but facing it and putting full attention on the feeling of the fear, and letting it unravel are the basic steps. Look on it without reacting to it, feel it in full, and observe it. Become a neutral observer of your state of mind and your emotional feelings, and gain a full understanding of the sequence of events that have lead to you having this reaction. Somewhere in that thread of experience you will be able to release something which allows the whole 'program' to unravel. Good luck with it!

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