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Swimming enthusiasts might like to try out for the deepity dive-athon. Contestants will have one hour to sink to the depths of abstract thought and come up with a suitably deep-sounding phrase that they can intone in a solemn voice. Bonus points will be added for each fashionable scientific term thrown in, but you'll be penalized if you actually use them correctly or characterize the concepts accurately! A panel of judges will award points to the deepity that sounds the most impressive and the least coherent.

So, as the wise man says, may the super-auto-oppressive heteronomous energy vibration with oscillatory pro-anti-feminist consciousness transubstantiate your scientistic psychosophical neo-postchemical Kalam-ity! Hail sports fans, amen, and good night to the question mark!

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:02:16 UTC | #949894