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I attended a Catholic parochial school and believed that the Catholic Church was the true church; They instructed me so. I was taught by a Jesuit priest who called me his little pagan becaue I asked a lot questions that he could not answer .I never truly believed, but this was my community; I had to belong.

I am so grateful to Richard Dawkins and his works. I don't fear much, not even death. I am commited to learning about evolution: It is not easy reading for me, but I plod along, and feel good about what I am learning.

The universe is so magical to me now, and this entity I call "I" is quite the survivor. Why should I take myself seriously anymore. I am an old woman just now free and happy.
There is no heaven and no hell; be sure of it! . There is only one reality: the present moment. Thoughts about the past or the future are illusions(not real).

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