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long before i started to question catholicism i had a fear of going to hell, used to have nightmares that were really strange, nothing inherently scary other than the knowledge that the devil had my soul. years of horror movies and heavy metal records cured me though. soon realised hell's the cool place.

the thing is, when you think of hell as the place the worst sort of people go, you'd imagine a place where tyrants and the worst sort of criminals go to be tortured even though you know you're not like them. your crime is to question what you've been told. if god sends people like that to hell would you really want to end up in heaven?

it was people who told you about hell, the same people who were wrong about everything else and the same people who need you to not question your and by extension, their faith. these are the people who believe an eternity of bliss awaits the most hateful people who say the right things just before they die. if christianity is true heaven is a seething mass of murderers, child abusers, wife beaters, racists and everyone else who takes it upon themselves to judge other people against their own shortcomings. these people spend eternity singing, not rapping mind you but singing, like you had to learn in school, songs about how brilliant the leader of this realm is. for ever.

hell is full of questioners, the devil doesn't threaten, he tempts. you're on this earth for a short time and those who teach about heaven and hell tell you not to listen to temptation because you are not strong enough to decide for yourself if such temptation will lead to bad things or not so you spend your time on earth avoiding living your own life for the sake joining those pious people who tried to run your short life on earth. in hell, if you believe what they say, you'll spend time with those who rejected living the way their grandparents did, you'll find people cursed for failing to say what the were told to say, and along with every other curious type, lots of cat's (i'm guessing). in short it will be full of humans that god created, gave freewill to then had a tantrum because they used it

you already question your beliefs, when thoughts of hell bother you, think what it means. reasoned thought has got you where you are now, and it'll destroy any fear of some unknown horror that someone devised to make sure you behaved as they wanted

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