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I'll expose my prejudice right away: Catholic mothers.

I remember occasions as a weekend house guest to various friends as a youth. What stands out in my memory are those friends' families who are Catholic. When Sunday morning rolled around, their mother would demand my participation in church. Not invite, but demand. My friends would quietly and earnestly ask me to play along, with no regard to my own preferences, just to make Mother happy and keep the peace.

What is it with these women? My conjecture is that their priests have managed to blackmail them into a very non-nurturing, indeed non-motherly, role. My guess, puff of logic, is that your mother has habitually threatened to disown you if you fail to play the game.

The Vatican Sexually Deviant Narcissistic Boys' Club have over the centuries become experts at enslaving children by forcing fear, guilt and shame onto them, and to further this end they have found ways of poisoning the most elemental and essential family relationship: the mother's care for the child.

So then, Catholic mothers, What Is The Deal? How did that sexually deviant narcissist manage to twist your sensibilities to that extent?

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