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Cross carrying marathon - Cycle, swim, and run carrying your life sized wooden cross. Occasionally, good samaratin helpers are allowed to help carry your cross for a specified distance.

Bring out the lions, The Rome Coliseum meets Big Ben. A marathon out and about London complete with lions trailing behind runners egged on by charioteers with whips.

Seek and ye shall find. Teams set out searching London for proof of their prophet... only to return with photographs of reflections, the Virgin Mary in toast and Jesus on a toilet seat stain.

Baptism Bob. The US team representing Tennessee and Mississippi vs. other countries...well, vs. themselves to see how many times they can bob up and down in water within two minutes.

Karma car push - Teams need to push a car up a hillside to a winning line. Losers not finishing first need to continue over and over again (reinCARnation) until they meet or exceed the winning team's time.

Rat race - Various teams confined to their designated temples need to attract the most rats to win.

detox and liver cleanse marathon challenge. Individuals fast according to their own religious or spiritual beliefs. The person who lives the longest before dying wins.

Closing ceremony ideas anyone?

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