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I was raised Catholic and I know exactly what you are going through. First of all --- there is no devil. Yep that's right. Satan does not exist. Everything good or bad that is going to happen to you will happen during this lifetime, not after death.

Catholics have Sunday School? Say what?


Start to watch people. Notice how bad choices in behavior lead to unrest, problems, strife, challenging relationships with other people? Notice what is considered "evil" by other people. Usually "evil" ends up being mentally ill, extremely stressful events during childhood, selfish behavior, and bad choices among other things. People blame the devil because it takes them off the hook for taking responsibility for their actions. Can you tell me one example of something "evil" that cannot be traced back to one of these causes? I'd be interested if you can come up with one.

Also, Where is Hell? In the Bible, it is stated as Heaven is above, so is Hell below. Literally taken, that means Hell is deep beneath the surface of the earth. OK, your Catholic, so maybe Hell is in another realm. Have you ever had surgery? Maybe had your wisdom teeth taken out....? Where did you go during the anesthesia? If doctors can mess with your brain or memory or maybe remove a section of your brain, you will never regain that ability. If this were to happen, now who are you?

There was a time when I was clinically depressed and had the most terrifying night terrors (worse than nightmares.) Without going into detail, I thought I was "hellbound." Year later I started to notice that I would only get these night terrors when I was under extreme stress and depressed. I certainly dreamed Hellish stuff, but it was all the creation of my mind in an unhealthy state. Strangely, after medication and therapy, I didn't have these dreams. Scientifically reasonable methods, instead of religious beliefs brought about healing.

Start keeping track of what people think is caused by Satan. Then, go about finding the actual cause.

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