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My guess is that your school has taught you that colleges are looking for good "moral" students that " are involved in a religious youth group, attends mass regularly, volunteers for the church by means of Vacation Bible School, etc." Are you looking at Catholic universities? 15 is still young. Are you going to be a sophomore? It sounds like you have two years until college, correct?

Here is what I told my nephew. Do not go to a Catholic university. There are plenty of great state and private colleges. They don't want to know if you're a good moral kid, but how involved you are in stuff outside of school. Maybe you volunteer at a local animal shelter. Maybe you are involved with some science Olympics or belong to a particular club or young entrepreneurs. I suggest taking on interests that have NO RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION.

I went to college back in the early eighties and no where do I recall any information that was church related. None. I think you're getting biased advice.

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