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I think there is such thing as society independent morals, though it is of cause not human independent.

I think that some sub set of desirable behavioral patterns are evolutionary hard coded into our brains.

Thats why some aspects of morality seam to be very seminar in any society or why some things seam to 99% of people just plain wrong.

Like Killing, we don't have to learn as children not to kill others or animals etc... thats the hard coded default, this can be changed by society and/or authority but as we see on the cases of many ex soldiers they often get traumatized by their own actions. Well unless they manage to see the enemy as non human, a typical tactic imployed by despotic regimes, to picture the opponent as primitive savages or something so that the own soldiers don't feel empathy for them.

Now of cause there are psychopaths who burned cats as children and are eagerly awaiting to become adults buy a legal gun and start killing people. But they are a small minority those their "mutated" morality is insignificant to the morality of our species, which simply can be defined as an superposition of all build in moralities of all humans currently alive.

David X.

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 07:32:44 UTC | #949972