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Comment 159 by Akaei :

How do we know supernatural events/causes don't leave a trail, especially if we don't have any examples of supernatural events/causes? It seems like you're suggesting that the origin or existence of the universe is a trail of evidence leading back to a cause, but since anything supernatural wouldn't leave evidence the cause of the universe couldn't be supernatural. That seems like the conclusion is the premise. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

If you saw an entity lift a rock without touching it, the smallest bit of knowledge to be gained, is that the laws of nature do not work in such a way that would prevent the entity from lifting the rock. Otherwise, the rock would not move. The entity, then, would be complying with the laws of nature. Because of this, there is no interaction, with nature, that the entity could do, that would be considered supernatural. These are the defining qualities of a natural existence. The same can be applied to anything that exists in nature and/or has the ability to influence nature. This is how we know supernatural events/causes don't leave a trail.

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