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Indoctrination is an interesting thing, it kind of happens without you being fully aware of it I think. I was certainly indoctrinated from the time I could talk until I left home at 21, funny enough, within a few months of leaving home I stopped going to church (previously I had thought of myself as deeply religious) I then just drifted away from religion and 'sat on the fence' for the next 20 odd years, only recently after reading Richard's book and also Dan Barker's great book 'Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists' have I "Woken up"

And I must say it is rather a shocking experience to view the Bible as 'an outsider' are really see it for the first time as the crazy fantasy legend that it is! It is hard not to be critical of yourself for believing the nonsense in the first place but I guess you can put it down to gaining wisdom with age, and becoming free thinking is rather strange when coming out of an indoctrinated childhood.

So in answer to the question, I think the best way to overcome indoctrination is to keep reading inspiring and confronting books like those written by Richard and Dan and to also seek support and discussion with like minded people.

May the journey begin!

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