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BREAKING NEWS. . .BREAKING OLYMPIC NEWS. . . UK ex-Member of Parliament, Miss ANNE WIDDECOMBE (Papal Hammer throw'g team) is to light the Olympic flame. In a world exclusive interview with our own 'FOXY' Bill O'Really, an exuberant, demonic eyed, Miss Widdo - when informed that a certain English comedy actor would be tied to the Flame mast - GROWLED wildly and screamed, "Holy Father BENE, I have prayed for this and 'You' listened to ME?, yes. .YES. .OH YES". "I cant wait to burn that ever - so - so popular comic HERETIC, Stephen FRY . . .Oh Lord above. . yes, yes, I WILL do thy will and he, FRYYYY, (spits out venom) shall feel THE FLAMES OF THY WRATH!!" . . . . . BREAKING NEWS . . .

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