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I myself was very young when I began to question religion and faith. Around grade school age actually. I was taught about Jesus and what not in preschool and believed what I had been told. Years later I just couldn't believe that all other religions had to be wrong and that only Christianity was correct. That alone got me thinking. Anyway while pondering the validity of it all I was constantly afraid of being punished by an angry god. Being Struck by lightening was the most scary to me. But nothing ever happend so I kept thinking for myself ever since. My life has been great thus far and I devulge into all things science that have shown me beyond doubt how laughable such concepts as heaven and hell really are. Philosophy came later and also reinforced my atheism for a great many reasons. By seeking answers for yourself and connecting to people who share your concerns you've begun the journey into a much greater world. Welcome to the club!

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