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So there is a second type of meme.....meme2 one might call it....which is not so much the literal idea but the idea of the idea.

I have seen it argued that (at least historically, in culturally simpler times) the mode of learning used by males and females differed markedly. Women copy exactly, movement for movement and men copy intentions.

The thesis runs that childcare in a species that rapidly adapts to new environmental niches with radically novel risks and food supplies, mothers need to learn quickly and precisely about the risks to their very vulnerable babies. (Human babies, born unnaturally undeveloped for maximum cultural programmability need prodigious levels of care.) They copy actions shown them by others precisely. Men, conversely, are freer to invent, copying the intention of others actions. The (joke?) demonstration of this is that they don't read the instructions or the map and are lauded culturally for appearing to "go it alone".

More pertinent may be this-

Male IQ is a grey matter (CPU modules) process predominantly.

Female IQ is a white matter (trans brain coms) process predominantly.

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