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The trouble is that the only argument to counter the Catholic Church being the target of liquidation, as opposed to those individuals who were directly involved, would be evidence that the crime was perpetrated or aided by higher levels, if not by all levels, of the organisation. You could also refer back to the history of the church and the atrocities it commits.

The reason this is a trouble is because they do "charity" work and that the crimes are claimed to be against the church's official ethos, which means you have to check their written documents. In some people's minds, this "negates" many of the wrongdoings, which is a double standard as a business that acted like this would be condemned and dismantled in a heartbeat. This appeal to the good that the church does is often seen among Catholics who otherwise condemn the actual practices.

You're not going to get the church liquidated until you remove this "religions are special" glamour and convince people that religion is a cost without benefit, or in more subtle cases a cheater and an exploiter who has you in a psychological trap. By this, I mean you have to convince people that the church's raison d'etre is either hocus-pocus or nothing exclusive to them. Not to mention people fear (or at least act prudently around) something that wields more influence than they do. If the Church was reduced to a cult like Scientology, there'd suddenly be a lot less political pussyfooting.

The solution? Keep beating religion on intellectual grounds, and promote better alternatives like secularism, humanism (or personism, if you insist), science, reason, and a genuine consideration of ethics as opposed to religious doctrine that claims to be about morality. Remove the justification for religious privilege and get this removal recognized by politicians and the judiciary system - by the usual avenues of lobbying, protesting, and making your stance clear when you have a chance to vote for something. Only when the glamour is removed will it be easier to tackle religions as you would any other organization.

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