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Comment 8 by VrijVlinder :

If you really want to change , you can build an underground atheist safe house. Have someone create a website and host it outside Pak then build a network of users who also want things to change. If anything you will find kindred people . I know this is not a super fast result but it can mean change in the long run.

Information is here to free ourselves. We must do our part to change things where ever we are as prudently as possible .

There has got to be more people like you like us , Atheists need a presence in that part of the world. Why should you have to leave !! Secularism must be supported, you must help unite them even if in secret.

this fight is against allah and all the names it goes by. No more oppression by the gods of the foolish or those who might claim to be wise !!

"yes" i will not leave as suggested by most; my family is here it is my birth country, i actually love it. This is the most effective answer it will help me not only does it give words to my feelings but also I will be more satisfied that i am doing something for the betterment of my nation

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