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"the real evil, which is the entire culture of the Catholic church"

I think that is a category error. The only active agents in any organisation are the humans that make it up. They are the only who are culpable.>>

I think you have that wrong.

The RCC will not recruit sexually normal (married) people as priests or nuns and will in fact expel any who get married.

This is institutional and is a clear signal that normal sex is not tolerated in the RCC and this of course becomes a beacon for sexually disfunctional people who know they will be protected.

Since paedophile priests become Bishops and Popes (the current Pope actually drafted some of the coverup procedures (why he was elected?) and the cioverups are still active in Ireland, even after the systemic sexual abise of children was exposed in most if not all RCC run institutions) you can argue that paedophilia IS institutionalised and not just a disparet few individuals.

An investigation into the RCC in Holland identifed over 10,000 sexually abused children and 800 paedophile priests and I gather none have been prosecuted yet. This is probably due to the ongoing coverup. What is even more thought provoking is that Holland is a small country with basically a Protestant lean and with a significant Muslim population. This suggests that it is not just a few RCC Priests that are paedophiles. I don't know the total of RCC priests in Holland within which the 800 lurk, but it must be a significant percentage.

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