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Since invisible authority is very obviously putrid, it is inevitable the buck will stop with supporters, and especially those commanding higher rank as representative of it, no matter how deluded by it they as individuals are. In some ways class reversal is what you see here, where the rank is taking the heat for the consciousness grooming of the masses, mainly due the rank having deluded them all to begin with and rendering their minds enslaved to its deceptions and vices.

What you see as, in part and pertaining to an individuals plight per se, an injustice is common or garden amongst the rank and file. It seems the past cooks up these scenarios for the unwary and ill educates in their droves. Someone; innocent, misled, unassuming, delusional or all four, pays the price of what history preserves, in all its poisons.

This is the paradox of justice: in some senses it is hedging of bets against ranges of innocence and of guilt to address the exploitation of others, that essentially is an imperfect process hoping to dilute the sum total of the problems it identifies.

There is no real justice per se, though we like and often default to black and white positions in respect of it all - most probably because that's how we would like ourselves to be viewed.

Darwinesque really. At no point is there an individual of whom it can be said they were perfectly honorable minus the input of their environment and similarly it begs the question as to how well we can make the reverse claim.

We're getting into very personal spaces here and empathy and degrees of perception as to who deserves to take the heat dependent upon who does what and how this can be allocated due delusion or intent. We really are touching into the type of territory where we'd be absenting parents from the rights to advocate circumcisions and such like. This invisible authority (world gods) is going to find its unwitting and sometimes maybe deserving targets if it is to be overturned - ever, unless of course someone has a more rational and sustainable process of reform absent the inherent legal ones.

It's ironic we argue for atheism here and we can't foresee how glaringly obvious, nay unavoidable, these kinds of incidents are going to become if the plights of the tomorrows adults are not going to be paying an even higher price for something that is made to look as though they are indeed evil for failing to support the delusions of!

The justice system, in many respects is designated to defer to scapegoats, rather than put stops to the predominantly untouchable powers that propagate crime and make courts necessary. Not for a second do I think the majority of the worst amongst us ever see life in a prison.

This is I think why it goes against some grain within us when we see individuals caught between hard places and either resorting to wrongdoing or perpetuating a denial of it. It's tricky to say which is the worst of the two in many comparisons since each can be corrupted by indoctrination.

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