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Comment 25 by AgriculturalAtheist :

I don't get the whole scapegoat mentality. Children were raped. Adult genitalia were forced upon minors (or vice versa). These children will always be troubled and haunted by this. True, it could have been prevented by someone above them who knew about it, but from the victims' points of view, it was the individual priests' penises - not the scapegoat's - that raped them. Like the Penn State Sandusky case, justice will not be properly served until the ACTUAL RAPISTS are behind bars. THEN we can begin working on those who helped sweep the issue under the proverbial rug, at which point they won't be "only" scapegoats any more.

This might be a good point at which to mention "multiculturalism" and how human brains per se are supposed to integrate a universal ethic on the subject minus examples of each cultures infectious memes becoming "cross cultural"

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