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You can't really pose a cheap shot at all classical arguments for the existence of God with 'Fred'.

I don't see why not! They are just as unevidenced! Fred! leprechauns, fairies, wizards, or any of these :-

And yes fair enough even in the eyes of a theist the classical arguments aren't exactly the best ones taking into consideration that they do not in anyway want a disbeliever to believe in God.

Are you suggesting evangelists do not try to convert unbelievers using biblical texts?

So criticising them is a waste of time.

It is true, that it is a waste of time to try to present evidenced rational criticism for every known deity or superstition, but that does not preclude specific examples which arise.

In the case of Michael J Behe, he has persistently tried to pervert science teaching to school children, and for this he deserves all the criticism and mockery he gets for his "authoritative posturing" to give credibility to dishonest infantile anti-science claims.

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