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Comment 16 by ZenDruid
I feel sorry for the gods. First, they were evicted from the mountaintops, then from the clouds, then the Moon, then the outer planets. There's no haven for the Ineffable Sacred when science is on the move.

Comment 17 by blitz442
God was last seen hiding in the quanta.

Comment 18 by ZenDruid
Thus, Quantum Theology!

Great exchange, thanks for brightening my morning!

This God bloke does indeed appear to be emulating The Incredible Shrinking Man

Comment 20 by aspindog
Grayling is clearly a blasphemer. Cloud shapes were designed by Bob, not Fred.

Foul Heretic! Aspindog: you will burn forever. As all true believers know, Kevindidit.

And beware the Followers of Fred who may hunt you down and kill you for your disbelief - because Fred, although omnipotent, for some odd reason doesn’t appear able to do it himself.

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 08:24:00 UTC | #950141