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Listening to Richard Dawkins talking about Fred is like listening to someone claiming to be an expert on biology when all they have read is the Book of British Birds.

Dawkins' understanding of Fred bears no resemblence to the understanding of Fred built up over centuries by sophisticated Fredologians. Fred is not some bloke who designs clouds, as Dawkins seems to imagine with his limited intellect. Fred is clouds. Fred is also "other", transcendent and unknowable (except, of course, by sophisicated Fredologians). It takes years of hard work, dedication and commitment, reciting Cumulonimbus, Cirrostratus, Cirrostratus, Altostratus, etc over and over again in order to go completely bananas...I mean in order to attain the transcendent state that allows the faithful a brief glimpse of Fred.

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 10:52:26 UTC | #950152