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We already have plenty of proof that the cover-up methodology was ordered from higher up the chain of command and in fact goes all the way up to the current pope from just before he became pope (+). I feel the same way about this that I do about that US army private who was prosecuted for the Abu Ghraib abuses - while what she did was horrible, and "I was only following orders" is an insufficient excuse, the guilt from following an order to do evil is lesser than the guilt from giving the order to do evil. It's not a bad thing that she got prosecuted, but it is a bad thing that she got prosecuted instead of the person who authorized it - Donald Rumsfeld.

If person A orders person B to do something evil and person B is in a position of subservience to person A in some big way ( i.e. A is a boss that can fire you or a commanding officer), then my order of preference for convictions is as follows:

Best -> both A and B get in legal trouble.

Good -> A gets in legal trouble but not B.

Bad -> B gets in legal trouble but not A.

Worst -> neither A nor B get in legal trouble.

We're only barely one step above "worst" here. Yes this person is a fall guy.

We already know who the top of the chain of command is who's responsible for ordering this behavior in the organization. He's the guy who likes wearing red shoes and a pointy hat.

(+) I wonder if this has anything to do with why he was selected by the cardinals - be nice to the guy who you know has the most dirt on you.

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