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Steve Zara (Comment 3) ...allow me to play "devil's advocate" here for a moment ...even though I almost always get my ass handed to me on a silver platter when I do. :o)

You point out that there may have been endless universes beginning and then fizzling out. Each time the remnants of the prior fuels the new one. Not your words to be sure, however I think that is the general idea of your comments. One could try to imagine this going on for eternity, past & future. If that is the case, then why couldn't a super-duper, all-knowing, all-powerful, being like a god, or at least like the Q on Star Trek TNG manifest itself over these countless trillions of centurys? Perhaps a creature that has learned to survive from one universe to the next unscathed? Sufficient time would not be an issue and we would certainly look at this being as if he/she/it were a god. I think it makes the "who created the creator" argument a moot point. Your thoughts?

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