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Your question reveals that there is another form of this question - I call it the 'Temporal Fermi Paradox' - if beings could survive the end of one universe and the origin of another, somehow 'pass through' a Big Bang, we should see them.

I have to agree with your explanation regarding "who created the creator." Well said, however I'm not so sure about seeing aliens. Several years ago as a young adult, I taught wilderness survival to young military personnel in a forest consisting of several square miles. I became quite adept at not allowing these youngsters to see me, unless I wanted them to. The looks on their faces was typically one of shock and, or disbelief when told that I had been watching them for several hours/miles.

I have to wonder if a creature, or creatures who may have been around for countless "universe creations" would even want to show themselves to us. As Mr. Spock once said regarding a particular superior culture, which the Klingons were trying to enslave, "I believe these creatures are as high above us on the evolutionary scale as we are the Ameba."

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