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I don't see how anyone can rationally get comfort from a fairy tale, but the fact is that people can act and think very emotionally and want the fairy tale to be true so badly that they ignore the rational part of their brain.

As a young man death was something far away that did not apply to me, but there comes a day when you realize that yes, I too shall die. It kind of sucked when it became real to me that I would die, but it didn't make me want to embrace comforting lies. It made me want to live the one life I have as well as I could. To be the best person I can be; to be a good parent, husband, friend, and citizen.

The universe is full of true wonders. You don't need fairy tales to feel a sense of wonder.

You can lead a good life without fairy tales. In fact, you are more likely to be and behave well as an atheist than as a theist.

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