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Comment 6 by susanlatimer

I vote for Ignorant Amos. I would love to see that.

No chance....I'm sunning it up in sunny EspaƱa....again.... until further notice. Anyway Jerry (JHJ) is the man....he's already on station in the states and has a knowledge of biblical stuff that is second to none.

Thanks for your vote of confidence all the same Susan. I reckon most non believing members of this site, if not all, would wipe the floor with the run-of-the-mill believer on their knowledge of the contents of their not-so-good book and would give the knowledgeable woo wooist a good run for their money too. The bible basher's only think they know what is in their scriptures....based on here-say of course, after all, who would lie about such things. At least that's my take from the interactions on here over a number of years.The average holy roller pitches up and reckons themselves to know a wee bit only to have a spare one tore and handed to them on a platter.

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