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No disrespect to Jerry

Paul, I don't think that was aimed at me but just in case it was, I am no Bible scholar. I have read the book and Crossan and Price and Ehrman (and some true believers) and have taken a master's course or two on it, but I read neither Greek nor Aramic and my actual biblical knowledge is probably less than your own.

I do have a passing knowledge of the period from 1 to 284, but I'm afraid I am severely limited after 333. On the other hand, if you want to know something about the only important era of the Christian experience (284-333 CE), I can go there. BTW--Tried to email Ehrman something about the Feast of Terminalia (302-303) and he begged off--said he couldn't go past 300. (But I noticed that he did so in his lastest book!).

Anyway, if that was intended for me, thanks for the compliment. Otherwise ignore this post in the entirety.



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