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None of the other animals on earth have superstition or belief in magic. Likewise they don't have Science.

They do have instinct and observation and can solve problems and make/use tools and not just by trial and error.

I've seen a Thrush drop a stone on a Snail to break the shell to get at the meat. After failing a few times it tried with a bigger stone. Then I guess it got mad and grabbed the Snail and banged it against everything around it until the meat was freed.

I've seen video of a bird that, after trying to use a stick to access insects in a rotting log, broke off part of the stick to improve it's function. Apes do even more interesting things.

Humans have similar "common sense" and arguably better observation and memory than other animals. Yes, we can do lots with minimal knowledge but using Science to interpret and understand what is actually happening will lead to us deriving principles and knowledge that will enable us to apply these to do even more and results in a cycle of improvement that enables faster progress.

Our genes do the easy animal bits and have evolved a brain for us that enables to do much more. Now that we know this, we can even check out our genes and make improvements to them or by using them (to diagnose and cure disease, check for and correct malfunction, enhance ability of us or other animals, etc).

Religion exists solely to enable some to exercise power and control over the many. It protects itself by limiting education and knowledge and eradicating dissent. It has culled our brightest and best for tens of millennia and is still limiting us as it fights reason and common sense in a bid to retain continued control.

Religion is doing pretty good since there are 6 billion followers of the 9,000 or so versions, each of which is the only true one. Few of these followers think this is silly (or at least refuse to criticise the nonsense).

I keep hoping that atheists will persuade them all to just go that one god further and then we can make up for the millennia of stagnation and try to sort out religions' mess.

I'm not holding my breath!

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