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Comment 47 by mmurray I think she's gone. Which gives an opportunity to all break into song ...

I have not yet gone.

Good. Sorry I am late replying but I'm in a different minute time zone to most everyone else.

The things that became common knowledge came through religious teachings so at the beginning these things were not common knowledge. There are also theories in science which cannot be proven to this day. Lets take for example the devastating theory of evolution, thus because of such theories is it wrong to disregard science as a whole?? l

Depending on what you mean by proof you can't usually prove scientific theories. Real proof is something you can only really do in formal systems like mathematics and logic. But what people usually mean by a scientific theory being proved is that they have gathered lots of evidence, tested the theory over and over again against evidence that seems to contradict it and modified and honed it until it passes all the tests they can throw at it. That is what the scientific method does. Tests your ideas against evidence. You have to do it carefully as we humans are very good at ignoring evidence that doesn't support our theories.

And before you judge religious literature you may find it more helpful it you read it fully rather than to listen to it on the news as the things that make the headlines usually are nonsense, thus consider educating yourself before in the religions you claim are not true.

I've read a lot of religious literature. Both before and after I became an atheist in my mid teens. As others have pointed out don't make the mistake of thinking people here don't know about religion. Some (of the lucky ones) have been raised atheists from birth but most of us have fought our way out of religion at some (often great) personal effort and cost.


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