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Her comment would make sense if being shot to death were a common occurrence when going to watch movies, especially about vigilantes. There was no reason any of those people knew they were putting their lives as risk. Think of how many millions of times people have gone to the movies without incident.

If there were kids at the movie. What was their sin?

What would she say had the shooting occurred at a screening of "Finding Nemo?" -- something about the wickedness of watching a fish played by a lesbian voice actor? She is just fishing for some excuse to feel superior to others. Ever see Dana Carvey do the Church Lady?

Pat Robertson loves to claim the destruction from tornadoes, floods and hurricanes is caused by Jehovah punishing people for not doing what Pat wants. Eventually he will be caught in a natural disaster himself. How will he explain that?

These are always after-the-fact rationalisations. It would be ever so much more impressive to say Jehovah will punish Berkeley California with a 9.0 earthquake on 2012-08-01 for teaching the wrong doctrines.

You can always find some sin to justify the cruel Jehovah's actions. He is irrational and into group punishment.

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