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Thanks again. I think I was restricting "biblical scholar" to the knowledge of the instrument whereas I deal more with its historicity, but I take your point.

My case in point. Is there anyone who you are aware of that is fully versed in the 2000 years of Christianity?

No, this is true. The sheer volume of data prohibits such a thing. I know a PhD historian of great respect whose area of expertise is 17th century religion with an emphasis on sermons. He's writing a book about them. Can't wait :)

I'll shoot you another copy of the Lactantius thesis. If you want to go more esoteric, I have a shorter paper, admittedly not as well put together, on consubstantiation as seen by Lactantius and Constantine.

BTW, for all, when I referred to reading books by believers on another thread, I was actually thinking about just finishing "The Age of Revelation." It was written by someone I swear I had never heard of named Boudinot, who, believe it or not, was President of the the first Continental Congress in America (pre-constitution). If you see it in the library, thumb through it for a moment. I am mulling over the idea that it may be the worst book I have ever read. It is a rejoinder to Paine's "Age of Reason" and just chock full of biblical knowledge.


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